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Spiritual Items:

Meditation Accessories


Spirituality is the only asset that places the human beings on the highest platform of life. It is a journey that takes a person from lower consciousness to higher or super consciousness. ‘Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life’ says the Buddha. The aim of spirituality is the attainment of liberation from the pangs of material life. Attaining the stage of complete enlightenment is the concluding step in spirituality.


However, treading the path that leads to liberation is little difficult. Nonetheless, you can still head for your destiny with the aid of spiritual motivation. Apart from your spiritual master, spiritual items like books, articles, items, gifts, meditation accessories and the like hold special significance when it comes to uplifting yourself spiritually.


You may engage yourself in taking up spiritual books that guide you aright. Spiritual books are a great source for inner nourishment of the soul. Read such books as much as possible and try to apply what you read in your real life. Once you develop taste for reading, you may also begin to mediate. An everyday 15-minute meditation is pacifying and keeps your restless mind under control. If you are new to meditation, you may look for books, online sources or attend seminars. Try to make your mind still and naturally calm with the help of meditation. You may listen to meditational music which is one of the best techniques to stay in touch with meditational urge that tends to fade away amid hectic routines.


Once you get into spiritual moods, you will begin to have positive outlooks on life, everything and everyone around you. After you develop spiritual nature, you may use meditation accessories, spiritual jewellery items, books, idols, mystic yantras etc. to enhance your spiritual growth.


Keeping this in mind, we at Chakra Yog offer a wide range of quality jewellery and spiritual gifts items for special occasions. We recurrently bring up to date the products in line with season as to give you only the best. Chakra Yoga presents to you unique and best quality jewellery and spiritual gifts items that certainly add to your spiritual growth.

We offer the following spiritual and meditation accessories:



    Yoga Mats

    CDs and DVDs

    Dhotis and shawls

    Shree Yantras

    Wall and Door hangings

    Decorative Items

    Siddha Parad

    Deity idols (brass, bonze, Marble)


    Deity Pictures

    Pyramids and Balls

    Chunris and Altar clothes


You may use these items and at the same time develop love, compassion, acceptance, serenity and oneness with others. Realisation that you are One with all is the essence of spiritual growth.. Always remember that we all are blissful spirits with physical bodies having descended to live a human experience.

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Gems of your choice!Please ask for wholesale price!..

$99.99 Ex Tax: $99.99

Rudraksha bead 1-13

Rudraksha bead 1-13

Rudraksha bead 1-13 Mukhi Price varies depending on quantity of beads and MukhiPlease ask for wholes..

$99.99 Ex Tax: $99.99

Rudraksha bead 17 Mukhi

Rudraksha bead 17 Mukhi

Rudraksha bead 17 Mukhi from Java - XXXII For superior intuition, creative intelligence and self-con..

$499.99 Ex Tax: $499.99

Rudraksha bead 18 Mukhi

Rudraksha bead 18 Mukhi

Rudraksha bead 18 Mukhi For health intelligence andprosperityWholesale price applied!..

$3,299.99 Ex Tax: $3,299.99

Rudraksha bead 18 Mukhi

Rudraksha bead 18 Mukhi

Rudraksha bead 18 Mukhi IV for success in business,  land dealings and acquiring immense wealth..

$4,099.99 Ex Tax: $4,099.99

Rudraksha tailored set

Rudraksha tailored set

Rudraksha beads (set of different Mukhi Rudrakshas) Customized solution for family or companyBest co..

$7,499.99 Ex Tax: $7,499.99

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