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Our rare product - aluminum oxide Al2O3 gammaphase spherical particles 50-200 nm (can be precisely adjusted accordingto customer's needs) is produced after eco-friendly patented technology.


We are now expanding our production line.


Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3) gamma phase spheres 50-200 nm can be 

used in a variety ofapplications, ranging from industrial, petrochemical, aviation and outerspace applications to the development of continuous fibre reinforced composite materials:

1. Transparentceramics: high-pressure sodium lamps, EP-ROM window;


2. Cosmetic filler;


3. Single crystal,ruby, sapphire, sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet;


4. High-strengthaluminum oxide ceramic, C substrate, packaging materials, cutting tools, highpurity crucible, winding axle, bombarding the target, furnace tubes;


5. Polishingmaterials, glass products, metal products, semiconductor materials, plastic,tape, grinding belt;


6. Paint, rubber,plastic wear-resistant reinforcement, advanced waterproof material;


7. Vapor depositionmaterials, fluorescent materials, special glass, composite materials andresins;


8. Catalyst, catalystcarrier, analytical reagent;


9. Aerospace aircraftwing leading edge.

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