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Viewing Prices Online.

Our website is for businesses to use, we are a wholesale, we protect our customers' prices so that consumers cannot see what our customers pay for their merchandise. We only sell to registered businesses, non-profits, governments & educational facilities. Once you have signed up here you must wait up to 1 business day to be approved. Also, since we are wholesalers there is a $1000 minimum per order, this is for the most part due to shipping costs. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email from us letting you know that your account is now active.

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Password recovery for online account.

With any sign in field you will notice a link Recover password. A small window will popup, enter the current email address you provided and we will email your current password. Follow the link below.


Quick Link Support: Go to Password recovery for online account.




Click Password Recovery, a small window will open, enter email address.

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How to Place Orders.

Once you have registered and have been approved, you can begin placing orders. The easiest way to place an order, is to go to the category you would like to start with, then you can either shop the entire category, or click on the sub-category that you would like to start with and so on. You can set the webpage to display up to 100 items per page and order away. You can add as many items in to your cart from any page and simply click "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the page and that's it.


Merchandise that is in your cart will not be reserved for you until you have submitted your order, approved your freight rate and have your payment arrangements made with us.



Once you have approved your order and freight, your order will be sent for picking. You can add items to your order until 1pm the day your order is being sent out. Removing items is NOT possible once your order has been sent for picking.

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Order Minimums.

Yes, we do have a $1,000 minimum for orders that are shipped out the main reason is shipping would be too costly with a smaller order. For our local customers who pick up, there is a $200 minimum.

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Wish List Details.

We have created a Wishlist for our customers, for the everyday items that you know you will order each time, throw them into your wishlist. It works the same way as the cart, except add the bottom of the page click, "Add to Wishlist" when you are ready. When you are building an order, go to your wishlist and your items are right there. You can always add or remove items.

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Shipping and Delivery.

How much does shipping cost? This is probably the question I have answered, everyday, at least 10 times. The best answer I can give depends. First of all, we do not make money on shipping, we are not a trucking company, what we have done is pooled our resources and negotiated, the best possible shipping rates to lower your Cost of Goods. There are a lot of factors that determine shipping cost:


1. Weight

There really is a method to ordering and maximizing your shipping dollars, weight goes in tiers, in increments of roughly 500 lbs., but really the first 1,000 lbs is pretty much the same, whether you order 665 lbs or 1,000. You can use this tip to your advantage, when you are building an order, there is an approximate weight when you go to your cart. On most lanes there is a "sweet spot" once you hit around 3,500 lbs you can go up to 5,000 lbs for almost nothing. I call this getting free freight, use it to order those heavy items that you would rather not order to pay maximum dollar to ship.

2. Distance


We ship most international orders out of one of our partners’ warehouses. 

Tracking numbers are automatically emailed to our customers. As a matter of fact, we email our customers through every step of the order process, keeping you fully up to date with your orders' progress in our system!

Most orders take 5 to 10 business days to reach the destination and pass through the local Customs Office.

Please check with your local government / Customs office to see what duties and/or taxes may apply. The customer is solely responsible for any charges that may occur from importing goods. 

Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some wholesale freedom products (e.g. jewelry) cannot be shipped to certain international destinations. Weight restrictions may also apply. accepts wire bank transfer as payment for your convenience. *Order will not ship until transfer is complete.


One other thing, please don't be blinded by the words "FREE SHIPPING" but it could really cost more than our SHIPPING where we actually tells you what your shipment costs us.


Estimated Transit Map


Orders are shipped out 24-72 hours after payment method has been established and FREIGHT HAS BEEN APPROVED. Orders will not be picked unless you approve freight. Once an order has shipped you will receive your tracking information VIA email. Transit times we give you will always be estimated as we are not the trucking company, to get more accurate tracking, we suggest calling the trucking company directly.